Some Of The Common Equipment Used By Documentary Filmmakers

Filmmaking is an elaborate process and many amateurs enter into this field to get a niche for themselves. Most of the inexperienced people place their first footprints in the film industry by doing a small budget short film or a documentary in order to showcase their talents to their directors. This way the directors will be able to analyze the skill potential of the person and accept him as the assistant. Working as an assistant under a renowned and experienced filmmaker is a great learning curve.


Video camera is the first essential item that requires meticulous selection process. You must be sure what you are going to shoot and where you prefer to showcase the same. Some people make their debut on the internet while some opt for larger screens or even television. Whatever is the platform picked you need to select the cameras that suits your purpose. If you are opting for the high quality digital pictures then you can always opt for red epic hire which will help in saving money. Also, check out the various features of the different brands of cameras and pick the most versatile as the camera is going to stay with you for a lifetime and is the best pal for a filmmaker.

Light kit

Lighting is the next essential aspect that needs ample consideration. One must invest in a good lighting kit which includes the camera light, light reflector, and so on. If you are taking a red epic hire then invest in a specifically designed camera light for the same that helps in capturing amazing digital images such that it can cover up the shadows formed. A lighting kit also comes with the three point stand which can be placed at the appropriate places in case of indoor shooting to get the desired effects and moods. Good lighting is most essential to give your picture the perfect finish and acceptance. Visit this link for more details on red epic hire in Sydney.


Shotgun microphone is the latest trend in filmmaking that is flexible and can be fixed at any spot. You can also add on a boom pole which helps in capturing live audio feeds from larger group of people and so on. Make sure that you attach a wind muff in case of outdoor shoots as this helps in cutting off the noise of wind.

Head phone

It is a great accessory to ensure that the shoot has gone well and there are no sound disturbances. This also allows immediate retakes at the shooting spot and finalizing the scenes.

Hard drive

This is an ideal choice for recording your scenes in case you plan for longer shoot time. You can also pick from DVDs, memory cards and video tapes.